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Latest album from Coheed and Cambria

RELEASED: October 16, 2015 on 300 Entertainment

The cover, which features a serene lake with a house disintegrating into the sky, was created by Nick Steinhardt (Touche Amore, Deafheaven) and reflects the story behind the ten-song album.


While the most conceptually abstruse Coheed records have always had a foundation in reality, The Color Before The Sun marks the first time Claudio Sanchez is exposing his raw feelings, narrated from his own perspective – the anxiety of fatherhood, the disorienting feeling of losing a home, the reflections had during early-morning walks. His own story is told through big, bright, driving, colorful songs that beam like power-pop, crunch like vintage ‘90s emocore and float with the expansive feel of space-rock.


TCBTS Track List:

01. Island

02. Eraser

03. Colors

04. Here to Mars

05. Ghost

06. Atlas

07. Young Love

08. You Got Spirit, Kid

09. The Audience

10. Peace to the Mountain


Praise for The Color Before the Sun:

“No longer hiding behind his creation (the protagonists of which gave his band their name), Sanchez is finally unafraid of how fans might react to a Coheed and Cambria record inspired by the story of Claudio Sanchez of New York rather than Coheed and Cambria Kilgannon of Heaven’s Fence. The result is a refreshingly honest, even inspirational album.”

– Consequence of Sound

“By now, everyone knows Coheed can shred their instruments to pieces. What is surprising is how impassioned these guys sound jamming on some good ol’ fashioned, emo-leaning rock ‘n’ roll.”

– Culture Collide

“An attempt to demonstrate his ability to “[expose] his raw feelings, narrated from his own perspective” rather than through the façade of a fictional character (like the protagonist of The Amory Wars, Claudio Kilgannon) the record nevertheless packs both the themes (such as love, fear, responsibility, and destiny) and sonic tapestries diehard devotees have come to expect.”

– PopMatters

“For the first time, Sanchez and co. have written

a collection of songs completely independent of the fiction, and the result is undoubtedly Coheed’s most personal, heartfelt album to date.”

– Sputnik Music

“With The Color Before The Sun, Coheed & Cambria are going bare bones in a sense. Now, this doesn’t mean that the record is somehow boring or limited; it’s certainly not.”

– New Noise

“In terms of musical expression, it presents the band at their most minimalist. Recorded live, The Color Before The Sun grooves with passion, purity and purpose far denser than the band’s recent releases. Cutting down on complex riffage, sparse medleys and tangent, essentially everything poured into The Color Before The Sun shines with purpose.”

– Under The Gun Review


  • 01 Island
  • 02 Eraser
  • 03 Colors
  • 04 Here To Mars
  • 05 Ghost
  • 06 Atlas
  • 07 Young Love
  • 08 You've Got Spirit, Kid
  • 09 The Audience
  • 10 Peace To The Mountain