IKSSE3 complete Ultimate Edition Hardcover is available now! Go to your favorite bookstore or order online now: http://bit.ly/JsTCwf

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Writer(s): Claudio Sanchez, Peter David

Artist(s): Aaron Kuder, Chris Burnham

All 12 issues of the critcally acclaimed “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3” saga are now collected in one premium hardcover volume! Based on the Coheed & Cambria album of the same name, Claudio Sanchez brings his epic tale to the printed page. We find our reluctant hero, Claudio Kilgannon, broke and destitute, living in a sewer. Can Ambellina convince him of his true fate? Can he rise up and lead the rebellion against evil Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan? Co-written by comics-luminary Peter David with art by Chris Burnham (BATMAN: INCORPORATED) and Aaron Kuder (KEY OF Z), this is essential reading for any sci-fi fan.

Claudio will be at San Diego Comic Con July 12-15 Booth #1031